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Café, Antiques, Crafts and Arts, Entertainment and Exhibitions.
Treat yourself to a wonderful day!
Come to Berget in Degerfors and enjoy the atmosphere from both past and present times. In what was workmen’s dwellings during the 1870’s, you can today look at and buy solid and genuine crafts. At Berget you can find skilled craftsmen and women who create and sell desirable things with an old touch as well as contemporary items. Woven rugs, woodwork, clothing, paintings & sculptures. What you can’t buy directly from the crafters, you will with good chances find within our shop.
At Café Berget you can sit down and have a swedish fika (a cup of coffee and a piece of cake or cookie) in a homely-feeling cosy indoor environment inspired by the 1900’s, or outdoors when the sun is shining! The fikabröd (cakes, cookies and sandwiches) are fresh by the day, every day. The café is open everyday between 9 am - 5 pm.
Nearby the café you can find Bergets mini-museum, a room furnished as when the families of the 1870’s and forward lived here. If you’re lucky enough to be at Berget when the forge is open, you can also see how the blacksmiths worked back in the day.
The clothing museum also called the garret of nostalgia is worth a visit. It’s in the same building as the Studio Zari, the third house from the Café Berget. At the clothing museum you can experience beautiful pieces of clothing from the 1920’s to the 1960’s.
At Berget here in Degerfors there’s something for everybody, no matter what age. For the children, there’s a mini-zoo which is open during the summer. There’s animals such as pigs, sheep, rabbits and chickens. There’s also a playground. Another thing that is usually appreciated by the children, is Svingelskogen, which is indoors! You can also rent Svingelskogen for a different kind of birthday party for example!
During the summertime at Berget, there’s often different artists performing at the outdoor stage. This year you can for example watch Sten & Stanley, as well as Hasse & Monica Forsberg, which has been extremely popular earlier years!
Yearly recurring and some of the most popular arrangements at Berget are the Rockabilly with motor show, Farmer’s day and not to be forgotten, the Christmas Market!
Veboa (the house where logs were kept) got it’s name back in the days, when hundreds of people lived at Berget, and the only way to keep the cold out was to keep the fires lit. In veboa all the wood was kept, but today it’s been transformed into a light and spacious place for gatherings, such as weddings, birthday parties, art exhibitions and other events. There’s a pantry including an oven, stove, refrigerator etc which makes veboa suitable for different kinds of events. We also move the performances indoors to veboa if the weather is not on our side during the day of the performance.
You can get to the top of Berget without hiking boots. If you’re disabled you can take your car all the way up and park it at the top. In other words, Berget in Degerfors isn’t the tallest mountain in the world, but we can provide entertainment and an environment which can make you feel at the top of the world.
If you feel like enjoying life, come Visit us at Berget!

The Café is open every day 09:00-17:00
For other opening hours see "öppet tider" for all the craftsmen.

Phone number (+46)
Café Berget: 0586-400 77
Registry/Reception: 0586-484 05